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Sunday Salon: Readathon Wrap-Up

The Sunday Salon.com

Whew! My first readathon is over, and I am now on my way to an out-of-town wedding on no sleep. Here are the results of the past 24 hours:

Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-Thon Badge


  • Hours participated: 21.5 out of 24 (which is good, seeing as I was supposed to quit at 16 so I could get some shut-eye in…)
  • Time spent on books: 15 hrs 8 mins
  • Time spent blogging, cheering, doing minichallenges, and tweeting: 3 hrs 28 mins
  • Time spent sleeping: 0 hours!


  • Books read: 3 complete (The Phantom Tollbooth, Something Missing, An Improper Magick) and one partial (The Reader)
  • Hours spent reading: 12 hrs 58 mins
  • Total pages read: 932


  • Books listened to: 1 partial (Al Capone Shines My Shoes)
  • Total hours listened: 2 hrs 10 mins

I had a fantastic time and can’t wait to do it again next year! Thanks to all the organizers, cheerleaders, and minichallenge hosts for making this readathon such an amazing event. You guys rock!

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  • http://zenleaf.amandagignac.com Amanda

    So glad your first experience was so wonderful!!

    • Erin

      Thanks! It was. I can’t wait for April!

  • http://www.reviewsbylola.wordpress.com reviewsbylola

    Wow you did an AWESOME job!

    • Erin

      Thanks! And thanks for all your support throughout the event :-)

  • http://age30books.blogspot.com Heather J.

    Wait … you’re going to a wedding now?! You are SO BRAVE! No way could I have done read-a-thon with a big event coming the next day – way to go!!!

    • Erin

      Haha yep. Originally we were going to leave on Saturday, spend the night, go to the wedding, and come back. I was so thrilled that I could actually participate in (most of) the Readathon that I didn’t care about how dead I’d be the next day! I ended up being able to sleep in the car while my husband drove…he’s so good to me :-)

  • http://www.eclectic-eccentric.com Trisha

    Isn’t the readathon just great!?!?! And thank you for the Phantom Tollbooth suggestion again; I’m so glad I was able to re-read that yesterday.

    • Erin

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! I loved it and can’t believe I waited so long to read it!

  • http://fizzythoughts2.wordpress.com softdrink

    And you rock, too!! I hope you stay coherent through the wedding. 😀

    • Erin

      I did!…enough. My poor husband had to do all 10 hours of driving while I slept, but he was very sweet about it!

  • http://www.sillylittlemischief.blogspot.com Linda

    Hope you are ok at the wedding. Great job!

    • Erin

      Thanks! It all worked out fine :-)

  • http://www.dilettantesdilemma.blogspot.com Patti

    The play was a great success, but the audience was a disaster.
    – Oscar Wilde

    Congratulations on your success in this year’s Readathon!

    • Erin

      Hehe…thank you!

  • http://www.bostonbibliophile.com Marie

    You did great! congrats on your readathon accomplishments!

    • Erin

      Thanks, Marie. I had a great time :-)

  • http://bettyboochronicles.blogspot.com Melissa

    Very impressive numbers! Congratulations!

    • Erin

      Thank you! It was fun to get through three books in a day instead of a book in three (or more!) days.

  • http://justabookworm.wordpress.com bookworm

    Wow you did an amazing job!

    • Erin

      Thanks :-)

  • http://bonjourcass.com Cass

    Seems like a lot of people were reading The Phantom Tollbooth during this readathon! Interesting trend.

    I ALSO went to a wedding on Sunday and let me tell you, I was zoning out until about 3PM. I’m still recovering from the busy weekend.

    • Erin

      Phantom Tollbooth definitely made a great Readathon book: quick, engaging, satisfying.

      I hope your Readathon/wedding recovering is going well!

  • http://wormhole.carnelianvalley.com Charlie

    Well done, that’s quite the achievement! Hope you were able to stay awake for the wedding!

    • Erin

      Thanks! I was! Just not in the car on the way there or back, or once we got home, or for half of Monday…

  • http://www.lovelaughterinsanity.com Trish

    I’m sorry I’m a tad late, but congratulations on a fantastic readathon. 21.5 hours is really great and it sounds like you got a lot read/listened to!

    • Erin

      Thanks! I had a fantastic time and can’t wait until April :-)