My Week in Books: November 7-13

My Week in Books

Welcome to my weekly Saturday feature here at Erin Reads, where I highlight new books that have entered my life, what I’ve been reading, and what’s happened on Erin Reads over the past week.

New Acquisitions

This week, I’m trying out a new way of sharing the week’s acquisitions. I proudly (and somewhat nervously) present…my first ever vlog! Like it? Hate it? Prefer the old list form? Please let me know!

If you’re not a vlog person, the books I talked about were:

I actually got a few books in the mail AND hit up another library sale after making this vlog, so those books will have to wait for next Saturday’s My Week in Books. I guess that’s what I get for trying to put my post together early!

Read This Week

I started the week by finishing up The Distant Hours by Kate Morton, which was released on Tuesday. I then picked up (and devoured) Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly. I loved it, except for one really big complaint; my review will be up this coming week. Finally, I picked up Jose Saramago’s Death with Interruptions again. I started this one a few months ago, but I kind of forgot about it in all the moving madness. I’m glad I finally finished it. I’m kind of in love–now I want to read everything Saramago has ever written!

On audio, I’m chugging along with The Odyssey for Trish’s readalong. I was getting too far ahead, so I also listened to To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf. The audiobook was lovely, but I didn’t really love the book. I have some new audiobooks requested at the library and am eagerly awaiting their arrival!

Erin Reads Recap

  • I started the week with a Sunday Salon post in which I talked about rereading. People left wonderful comments in response–I encourage you to read them and add your own experiences, if you’re so inclined!
  • On Monday I reviewed the YA novel Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan, which I really enjoyed but couldn’t quite pinpoint why.
  • The Distant Hours by Kate Morton came out on Tuesday, and I finished the novel just in time to post my review. It was my first Kate Morton novel, and I’ll be reading more!
  • I took a break from reviews on Wednesday to offer a few free books to anyone willing to review them, however briefly, on a blog, LibraryThing, GoodReads, etc. There’s still time to request one, if you’re interested!
  • Thursday I posted (late!) my thoughts on books 1-6 of The Odyssey for Trish’s readalong.
  • Finally, yesterday, I continued my audiobook miniseries by talking about some of my nonfiction favorites.

Your Turn!

How was your reading week? Do tell!

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  1. I liked your vlog! I always get too lazy to edit or add effects to mine, but I’m sure it’s pretty easy, and looks really good.

    I’ve only read some short stories by Byatt, and I didn’t love them as much as I expected to. I think maybe her novels will be better, when I get a chance to read them.

    1. Thanks! With iMovie, it was shockingly easy to edit and add effects, once I figured out how. I’m sure it’ll go faster the next time.

      I’m not a big short story fan, so I actually passed up one of her short story collections and went for Possession instead. I’ve heard it’s a love-it-or-hate-it book, but I’m willing to give it a shot.

  2. Yay for vlogs! Like I said on Twitter yesterday, I’m happy to get to see you vlogging. 😀

    Re: the books you got. Well we already discussed Possession so no need to say more here. About a Boy. I’m glad you don’t remember the movie. I remember it quite well and enjoyed it, but when I went to read the book, it was so similar to the movie that I felt like I was just repeating the experience, so I gave it up. I finally read Nick Hornby earlier this year – well, I listened to it! It was my second audiobook. I listened to Juliet Naked and it was an awesome performance, and an awesome book. Then, The Unconsoled. I hate to admit it, but this was my first experience with Ishiguro back in 2002 and I absolutely hated it. I couldn’t figure out the point of the book. It was another book that tricked its way into my house (I thought it was a classic too) and I was very disappointed, unlike with Possession. Even now, looking back, I wonder what the heck that book was supposed to be about. It makes no sense in my mind. It took me until 2009 to finally give Ishiguro a second chance with Never Let Me Go. I ended up loving it – though it took awhile to warm up to it, like six months after I’d read it. I want to read more by him, but I’m always scared of that Unconsoled incident…lol. So I hope it works better for you!!

    1. Yep. I have no idea what About a Boy was about…just that it involved Hugh Grant 🙂 I’ll have to look into Juliet Naked on audio! It seems, from GoodReads, that The Unconsoled is a book people either love or hate. I’m willing to give it a shot, though I’ll probably read Strength in What Remains and/or Never Let Me Go first.

  3. I really liked your vlog! I was so nervous to do mine, but I love seeing other people vlog and getting an idea of the person behind the blog 🙂

    As for the books that came in this week, I am so jealous of A Suitable Boy and Possession. I want to read both so much, but I don’t own them yet. I guess they are going on my list of immediate buys!

    As for About A Boy, I don’t know. I never really found it the most charming of Nick Hornby’s book. High Fidelity is aboslutely my favourite Hornby so far.

    1. Thanks, Iris! I was really nervous too. I hope you do others–I thought yours turned out really well!

      A Suitable Boy would definitely be one to get once you’re back home…it is positively massive. Of everything I got, I think A Suitable Boy and Possession are the ones I’m most excited for.

      I wasn’t really sure where to start with Hornby’s novels, only that I loved his nonfiction. I’ll keep your High Fidelity recommendation in mind for next time!

  4. Your vlog was wonderful, Erin! You are braver than I am 😛

    I liked About a Boy, but it’s not my favourite Hornby. I enjoyed both How to Be Good and High Fidelity more. And Possession! I love that book to tiny bits and pieces. Happy reading!

    1. Thank you 🙂 If I can vlog, I think anyone can. It’s not so bad when you actually do it! And you can always delete (over and over and over…)

      Iris recommended High Fidelity too, so I’ll keep my eyes out for that one. I’m happy to hear another person loves Possession — I’ve heard it can be a love-it or hate-it book. I’m looking forward to trying it, though!

  5. That’s the very first time I’ve ever watched a book vlog! Very cool. 🙂

    I hope you enjoy the Byatt. I’ve never read her either, but I listened to a great interview with her a while back, and she seems so fabulous and gutsy.

    1. Aww, how exciting! I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂

      I don’t know much about Byatt, but “fabulous and gutsy” makes me want to find out more!

  6. Oh! I LOVED A Suitable Boy! But it did take a hundred-ish pages for me to get into it. 🙂 Also loved Possession, Reservation Blues, and Someone Knows My Name!!! Jealous of your library sale!

    And Byatt, Alexie, and Ishiguro are three of my very fave authors (though I haven’t read The Unconsoled), hehe.

    I love vlogs, and I wish more bloggers did them. 🙂 In fact, I just recorded a Library Loot vlog yesterday only to find that I can’t get the file out of my sister’s video camera. lol So I’ll be rerecording it tomorrow! 😉

    1. I’ve only read maybe 20 pages, but I’ve loved what I’ve read. It’s just going to take me a few months (at least) to get through it! It’d be faster if I were focusing on just that. Oh well–I plan to enjoy it anyway! Glad to have more recommendations for pretty much everything I got 🙂

      Ooh, I’ll watch for your Library Loot vlog! I never really got them until a few bloggers started doing them. I realized how fun it is to see the person behind the blog! I’m hoping to at least keep up my Saturday new acquisitions vlogs, at least.

      Have fun rerecording!

  7. I tend not to watch vlogs because my husband is always watching TV in the background and I can’t hear anything. But it was neat to see what you looked like! HI!

    1. Hi to you too! I save all my vlogs up and then either watch them with headphones or wait until my husband leaves for work 🙂 I totally understand! I think maybe in the future I’ll do the vlog but provide a little more text for people who aren’t big on vlogs (or can’t watch them for other reasons).

  8. Hello!!! Love the vlog and I always find it nice to “meet” others through their vlogging. Admittedly I’m boring so only vlog during special events like BBAW and the readathon when I can just ramble (or cheer).

    Possession! I WILL read that book this year. Right after The Odyssey since it seems that will be the only book I read in November.

    And you need to find a copy of Absolutely True–the illustrations are so fun. I have a few Alexie books on my shelf but haven’t read them.

    Dangit–these types of posts give me too much to comment on.

    Ben Folds! Ok…seriously… Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday.

    One more. Dangit. You really need to read The Remains of the Day by Ishiguro.

    1. Thanks! I agree, I love “meeting” other bloggers through vlogs. Even if your vlogs are reserved for special events, I’d say they’re unique and fun enough that we’re willing to wait for them!

      I would like to get to Possession soon. I tend to buy books and then let them languish on my shelves, but I’m hoping that won’t happen to Possession! I’d love to find a copy of Absolutely True Diary. I always keep my eyes out at used book sales, which is pretty much where I get all my books. I have Remains of the Day already, and since it’s less imposing than The Unconsoled, I’ll probably start with that one.

      Thanks for your super long comment–I guess I should vlog more often! 🙂

  9. Awesome first vlog! As I mentioned before, I don’t think I would do it but love when other blogs video-blog.

    Sounds like you picked up some good books. My mom just recently gave me a signed copy of The Women Jefferson Loved by Virginia Scharff. I love reading about women in history so I’m looking forward to this one.

    1. Thanks! Ooh, I love when gifts are spot-on. I hope you enjoy The Women Jefferson Loved — it sounds really interesting!

  10. Beautiful vlog. I love seeing the face behind the words! and next time I do one (if ever…) I need to figure out how to add captions, makes it very professional.

    The only book I’ve read of those was POSSESSION. Looking forward to your thoughts on the others. Very curious to know about A SUITABLE BOY.

    1. Thanks! I agree, I love seeing the people behind the blogs! I was surprised how easy it was to add captions using iMovie. I haven’t tried to make a video in a really long time and so was pleasantly surprised by how much less complicated it’s gotten!

      A Suitable Boy is going to take me forever, I know. You might be hearing about it more than once!

  11. Awesome seeing you vlog! Can’t say I have the confidence yet so I admire you for it!

    You’ve corrected my assumptions that Byatt is a man. I’m now glad I’ve not read any of her books yet because that could’ve been embarrassing… I’ve The House At Riverton to read but not got round to it yet so I’ll have a read of your review of Hours because it’s my indecision putting me off.

    1. Thanks! I think it’s going to be a new weekly feature. I enjoyed it far more than I’d suspected! I’d suggest, if you want to try it, just make one that no one is ever going to see. That’s what I did, and I ended up posting it…but if I hadn’t, then no one would even have known I tried 🙂

      I’m always nervous I’m going to do something like flip the gender of an author! I’ve not read Morton’s other novels, but based on my enjoyment of The Distant Hours, I’d definitely try one of her earlier books.

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