Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink (cover)Last week, a coworker asked me if I wanted to read any of the galleys she’d recently been given to review before her upcoming meeting with the company’s sales rep. I pawed through them and took two. I started with Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink.

It’s YA; a historical novel (late 1800s) with a touch of fantasy. Twins Lia and Alice discover they play opposing roles in an ancient prophecy, and each must unravel its meaning and find her place within it on her own. It actually kept me engrossed, and I finished it in a few days. A touch overdramatic in places, but generally a good, quick story with enough history to keep it romantic (big house, sweeping gowns, and the like) and enough fantasy to keep it exciting (a spiritualist, mysterious marks appearing on wrists, and so forth).

My only complaint is that it’s the first book in a series. I’d be complaining less if I’d known that from the start; honestly, I probably would have passed it by. Not that I have anything against series books. It’s just that it’s so darn hard to wait for the next book to come out. Heck, the one I just read won’t even be published until August! I had the same problem with Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games (although about 100 times worse…now that’s a sequel worth waiting for!). I’d rather wait and start the series right before the last book comes out.

What about you? How do you feel about books in a series that’s not yet complete?

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  1. Aw, I’m sorry, Erin! I know just how you feel though. The year in between books is just interminable. I was dying for The Hunger Games sequel even before I finished it, I think!Prophecy IS book one in a three-book series already under contract with Little Brown. I truly appreciate you taking the time to read and review it, and I hope you’ll still remember me when book two comes out.And yes… I’ve always been a bit of a drama queen!😉Thanks again!MZ

  2. I totally understand, Erin, and I SO appreciate your recommendation.If you’re ever near one of the cities I’ll be visiting on my tour(s), let me know. I’d love to say hello!MZ

  3. I usually start just before the second book comes out (if I know it’s a series) because if I liked the first one, then I can dive pretty much straight into the second one, but if I don’t end up liking the series, no skin off my nose.Granted, that makes for waiting between books 3 (and following), but then I have two books I can re-read if I need a fix.

  4. I would LOVE to do a signing there! Do you have my personal email address? If not, can you contact me on Facebook or Myspace so I can give it to you?Thanks so much for passing the book along, too. Nothing matters more than word-of-mouth, truly.😀

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