I totally missed Trish’s A Day in the Life event. Oops. Then she told me I could just play along a little late…so here you go! I’m a stay-at-home mom of a four-month-old, and this is a pretty typical day for us. Except for the sleeping — usually it isn’t THIS bad!

Going from midnight to midnight for my day in the life finds me awake. S (my son) hasn’t been sleeping well the past few nights. He woke up to nurse around 11:30, and now I’m holding him, waiting for him to fall asleep deeply enough that I can set him down without him popping awake. I find I’d rather hold him a little longer than transfer him too early and then have to get him back to sleep.

12:25am – S is down. I’m down soon after.

3:15am – S is up to eat. Finally asleep enough to put down an hour later.

5:45am – It seems S is up for the day. (This is early even by his standards; usually he’s up between 6 and 7:30. The only thing that makes it bearable is that he is extra cute when he wakes up for the day, cooing and screeching and smiling. It must be a survival thing, so we don’t just leave him somewhere to fend for himself while we go back to bed.) U (my husband) knows it was a rough night and, as he often does, offers to take S so I can sleep a bit more. I set my alarm for an hour and go back to sleep.

6:20am – So much for an hour. S is hungry again. U brings him into the bedroom. I feed him while U showers.

6:40am – U takes S again and tells me to reset my alarm for an hour again. I do not argue.

7:40am – I wake up to my alarm and the sound of S crying as U tries to put him down for a nap. S really does not like naps, but he also does not function well without them. As I suspect is the case with most babies his age. I shower. There is sudden silence from S’s room, and I hope it’s because he’s out and not because U had given up. It is. Hooray!

8:05am – Breakfast. It’s the last of the chocolate peanut butter chia pudding I made over the weekend plus fresh strawberries…so good. U leaves for work, and I sit down to knit for a few minutes until S wakes up. I’m working on a cowl for my sister, the last of several Christmas presents I’d committed to making. (Yes, that blue plaid is a robe. I don’t bother with real clothes unless we’re leaving the house. It’s just not worth it!)


8:32am – I realize there is no way I’ll be sitting down at my computer to type up this recap, so I download the WordPress app. I’m pleasantly surprised by how much better it is than whenever I last tried to use it (several years ago).

8:36am –  I think I hear something from S’s room. I check the monitor because I realize it’s been over 30 minutes, which is his usual nap length. Sure enough, he’s awake, but I wait a few minutes (until he fusses) to go get him. Diaper change, etc., then we go into the living room. I lay him down among his toys and start to knit, but that doesn’t last long because he starts fussing for attention. I play with him a bit, then go back to knitting while I watch him with his mobile. It’s amazing how differently he interacts with it now. Two months ago all he did was stare in wonder; now he’s hardly still long enough to take a picture!

9:06am – I check the silly cat game I “play” (Neko Atsume…anyone else??) and realize there’s been an update. I get way too excited and make a mental note to see what’s new next time I have a few minutes. S and I do some rolling and tummy time.

9:38am – Feed S. He’s getting silly when he nurses, which can be rather annoying. Apparently this is a thing babies go through.

9:50am – S seems to be done and bored, so we read some books. We keep a small stack on the couch for such occasions, and we’ve read them so many times in the past week that I probably have them memorized. Another mental note: switch them out for some new ones.

10:08am – S is super wiggly, so over to the activity mat we go. He chews on things and works on kicking his socks off (a favorite pastime of late) while I type up some notes for this post.

10:19am – Get a snack. Still amazed by how hungry breastfeeding makes me. And I thought pregnancy was bad! S really enjoys watching people eat at the moment, so I show him chips and pieces of cheese as I eat.

10:30am – I realize I need to wind up more yarn for the cowl I’m working on. S and I go dig out the yarn, swift, and ball winder. I set him up in his high chair so he can watch the proceedings, and he seems content.

10:46am – I look over to see S scratching at his eyes and staring off into space and realize he’s been up for two hours, which is about his max. I leave the second skein of yarn for later and begin naptime preparations.

10:58am – After a fair bit of protesting, S is asleep in my arms. I settle in with my phone for a few minutes to make sure he is well and truly asleep before I try to lay him in his crib.

11:14am – Successful transfer to crib. We’ve been swaddling S with his arms out for naps for the past week or so, so I wait and watch while he flails a bit but eventually settles and seems to be asleep.

11:19am – Sneak out. Go put actual clothes on, as we’re planning to visit U’s coworkers when S wakes up. Set up the second skein of yarn on the swift.

11:31am – S coos. That is an epically short nap even for him; usually he goes for 20-30 minutes after I lay him down. Confer with U via text, who says there’s no point in visiting now as everyone will be at lunch by the time we get there. Quickly wind the second skein of yarn before S starts fussing.

11:41am – S starts fussing. I go in and get him. Into the bouncy seat he goes while I add notes to this post. I think again how much better the WordPress app is; I could actually run a blog from my phone now. Hmm…if only I were getting any reading done! (It’s interesting…I don’t have much desire to read fiction these days, which is a complete 180 from my usual preferences. It’s nonfiction or knitting for me. I think I prefer to be learning or making because those are all the signs I have some days that I’ve made progress on anything.)

12:06pm – S is starting to fuss in the bouncer, so we go into the kitchen to fix my lunch. I made bean and kale soup over the weekend, so I just reheat a mugful and make a piece of gluten-free toast. S sits on my lap, watching me eat and chewing on my finger.


12:27pm – Feed S. Read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. S chews on his Indestructibles book for a bit.

12:55pm – I hear the beep of our mail carrier’s package scanner. Yay packages! It’s nothing exciting — just some baby stuff I ordered — but it’s fun to open anyway.

1:20pm – With S in the stroller and The Martian on my phone, I head out for a walk. I’m hoping my little guy will nap; he obliges.

2:20pm – Home. A change of clothes for me and a snack for each of us and we’re ready to visit U at work.

3:25pm – Hand S off to U. I like U’s coworkers — quite a bit, actually — but today I don’t have the energy for socializing. So I sit in the car with the windows down, enjoying the weather and knitting my cowl while keeping an eye on the traffic. (Rush hour is something like 4-6pm here and it is brutal! Not a good place to be with a baby, as I have learned the hard way.)

4:10pm – U returns a very sleepy S to me, and we head home. We only hit one slow spot and it’s long after S has fallen asleep.

4:40pm – Pull into our driveway. Despite all past experiences to the contrary, part of me hopes that maybe if we just sit there with the engine running, S will sleep past the 30-minute mark. No such luck. A minute after we pull in, I hear him blowing raspberries (his new thing) in the back seat. Into the house we go. On our way past the couch, I remember to swap out the books.

5:15pm – Nurse S. Read a few of the new books.

5:50pm – S is getting unbearably cranky and acting tired. He hasn’t had a good nap today. It’s too late in the day for a long nap, but something is better than nothing. I take him into his room to see if I can get him to sleep. He proceeds to melt down for 20 minutes while I rock him.

6:08pm – I lay a not-at-all-asleep S down in his crib, where he stops crying immediately and begins cooing to himself. I sit down in the rocking chair to wait for him to get fussy again.

6:28pm – He is fussy again but refuses to sleep. We move to the living room, where he continues to fuss.

7pm – U is home. S is super grumpy. I hand the latter off to the former and start collecting the trash.

7:25pm – We realize S is just getting more and more wound up and decide to go ahead and start bedtime proceedings. I do S’s little massage routine, then grab dinner while U tries to calm S down.

7:53pm – Nurse S, hopefully to sleep. Fingers crossed!

8:46pm – S is finally asleep and in his bassinet. I sneak out to get ready for bed myself.

9:15pm – Bed for this mama. Hoping S sleeps a decent chunk instead of waking up at 10 and 11 the way he has the past two nights…

9:37pm – Hahahaha nope. He’s up.

10:45pm – He’s up again.

11:55pm – Aaaaaand again, this time to eat…which brings us back around to where the day started. Lather, rinse, repeat…

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  1. Oh, Erin… I am utterly exhausted just reading this post!! Patty is right – you ARE amazing!

    1. Thanks, JoAnn. I’m sure once all this new-baby craziness passes I’ll miss it, heh 🙂

  2. I loved it when I was breastfeeding because I could eat whatever I wanted and still lose weight!! I could not even keep up with the calories lost. It was great.

    1. There is! At least, for iPhone. It doesn’t do everything, but you can write a post and do basic formatting. I haven’t explored the rest, but it seems promising. It used to be terrible.

  3. Wow, your post took me back to my early days with my firstborn (I had three more kids over the years). Everything was all about the baby, and I read mostly books about…guess what? Baby care and finding the me behind the mommy, etc.

    I wonder what it would have been like for me to be a mom in a technological age? In the 60s, when I had my first two, there was nothing! TV with barely three channels. No phones, of course, no computers…zip, nada!

    I think I like the technological era better…but you don’t miss what you’ve never had, right?

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I kind of can’t imagine having more than one of these little creatures to take care of, at least right now! I’m definitely glad we have such amazing smartphones at this point — I do pretty much everything (email, blogging, meal planning, taking pictures…) on it at this point. Of course, email and blogging weren’t even things one could do a generation ago!

  4. SO glad to hear from you after all this time. Your day in the life is wonderful, amazing, exhausting. There are naive people in the world who think motherhood is not a job . . . HA! You are a great mom and are taking care of yourself, too — in stolen minutes.

    1. Yes! Hi! Sorry I disappeared. I think I owe you an email from eons ago, too. It’s just been…busy. Ha. Those are three good adjectives to describe life right now! And I’ve learned that taking care of myself isn’t negotiable — thankfully before I had my son, or I’d be struggling quite a bit right now.

  5. Oh man. I had a poor sleeper too (he’s 4 now, and I won’t tell you what his sleep is like these days as it’s not encouraging lol) and just reading about 30 min naps is making me twitch…. you poor thing. Love the Sandra Boyton book. She’s a fav of ours too.

  6. Breastfeeding makes me sooooo hungry, too! It’s ridiculous. And when my little girl is up super early, I feel the same … she’s lucky she’s cute! lol. Aren’t baby screeches the best? Thank you for reminding me to swap out our books in baby’s room, too! And I totally agree with no good clothes unless we’re going out. If I’m nursing a baby all day I need comfort! Plus chasing a toddler in going out clothes is just super uncomfortable. I hope S starts sleeping again soon! It’s so rough when they’re up so much!

  7. Busy day! I forgot how busy things are with an infant who requires your constant attention…my sons are 18 and 21 now. But they LOVED Moo Baa La La La!! And my younger son was a fan of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, too – nice book choices 🙂

    Hope you enjoy The Martian – my husband and I both loved it – when you finish reading the book, the movie is also excellent.

    Thanks for sharing your day!


    Book By Book

  8. Your day sounds so much like mine! Like SO much. I’m just home with Cara while the other two are at school and this past month Cara has decided that 30 minutes is it. Before that she was taking a 2-3 hour nap at least a few times a week but now never. It’s so frustrating but the past week I’ve been working on my mindset…knowing that in exactly 30 minutes she’ll be up and so to optimize my time as best I can. I remember reading with Elle that babies sleep in 30 minute cycles and the trick is for them to get back to sleep on their own but HOW DO YOU DO THAT? (yes, this three-time mom has no freaking idea). Does that make you feel better or not. LOL!

    The rest of the day is just like yours–moving around until one of us gets bored or hungry or tired. It DOES get better. Eventually they figure out how to consolidate their naps into longer naps. A few people have suggested to me to tummy sleep, but I’m not sure how to get them to sleep on their tummies (like you I normally rock her to like 97% sleep before I put her down). Our nights are like yours as well–just the past 2 weeks we’ve been working on an actual bedtime–usually putting her down around 8:30 and she usually wakes up 2 or 3 times before she’s out for a few hours. Sigh.

    Anyway, all this to say that you’re not alone. And it gets better. And yes the smiles and the cooing. I love it. There’s nothing better–until they are able to wrap their arms around your neck and tell you that they love you. This will all be a blip.

    Love Boynton. I do have many books memorized. Especially Go To Sleep My Love by Tillman. And Barnyard Dance. I’ll have to look into the Indestructible!

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