Shaking Things Up!

 So, I’m thinking of trying something new. “Shaking” might be a bit overdramatic in terms of verb choice, I’ll admit, but hear me out.

I miss creating things (even collections of words) and sending them out into the world. I miss having some kind of record to mark my days. I miss sharing what I’m up to with you and hearing what you’re up to in return (even if I mostly don’t have time to comment on all the blogs I’d like to these days).

With a baby in the house, though, I’m not getting enough reading done to write proper reviews with any degree of frequency (unless you want to hear about parenting books, ha ha ha). That won’t be changing any time soon. And despite the fact that I kind of want to start including my knitting efforts (key to making me feel like I’m actually accomplishing something amidst the haze of early parenting), I don’t really want to transition Erin Reads to a personal blog — I mean, the name makes it pretty obvious what kind of posts should live here! Besides, I’ve never really felt comfortable sharing without some kind of theme or format. So I’ve been trying and failing to come up with a way of blogging that’s sustainable for me and (hopefully) interesting for you.

Trish’s recent A Day in the Life event gave me an idea: a kind of glimpse at life through my interactions with books. An intersection, if you will. I’m thinking of a journal-style setup that will, I think, become clear as I play with it. Or maybe not. But I think I’ll try it and see what happens.

So watch for an experiment. I’ll have something together to share soon. And once I do, please let me know what you think!

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  1. Sounds like a good plan. However, I’m sure others might appreciate your thoughts on parenting books, too. Although I’m no longer dealing with children in my house, my own children are and I try to keep them supplied with solid parenting reads. Just an idea! How exciting to be a new parent!! Yay!

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