The Sunday Salon.comHappy Sunday, everyone! Today I have two brief but exciting (at least, to me) pieces of news to share with you. They’re not related to my reading, though there will be cute cat pictures, if that’s your thing.

First: A Job!

Have you noticed that I have been especially MIA since the Readathon? Not answering comments, not visiting blogs, that sort of thing? It’s been a nutty week. Thank goodness for Alita’s reviewathon, or I’d have had no posts up!

Many of you know that I have been part-time student-ing it for a while now. I cut back this semester to just one class so that I could look for a job. I finally found one! I’m thrilled. It’ll take me a little while to adjust to being so busy, so please bear with me.

Second: A Cat!

Remember that lovely kitty who curled up with me in the final hours of the Readathon last weekend? That’s Nila. I adopted her as a kitten (left photo) just before my senior year of college and moved her around the country with me for a couple of years. She has spent the past few years living with my parents, who graciously took her in when a short-term living situation made keeping pets impossible for me. But, some recent reshuffling has landed Nila back with me, and I’m so happy to have a cat in the house again! Now if only I actually had time to curl up and read with a cat…

And now, as promised, a couple of cat photos:

My cat!

Your Turn!

Tell me, what’s new with you? Any fun plans lined up for Halloween?

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  1. Congrats on the new job – that is great news!

    I am currently watching my parents dog – they are on vacation for three weeks – I am using it as a test run to see if I can adjust my schedule enough to get a dog myself. You must be very happy to have Nila back.

  2. Congrats on the job! I’m still looking and looking and looking! 🙁 Your kitty is so cute!

  3. Congrats on the new job! Job hunting is so stressful, so it’s nice that you’ve reaped the rewards of that process!

    And hurray for being reunited with your kitty! That is probably the sweetest part of this entire post!

  4. We were just going to wing-it tonight but my daughter wanted to have a friend over so they could go trick-or-treating together. This simple want, became complicated. Now I must pick up the kid from daycare (her costume in hand) bring her home with my daughter, make dinner for them and then figure out what The Boy is doing. I am sort of hoping he will help me with our pup. She HATES the doorbell. I’ve asked him to hand candy out from the driveway but he may take off with his friends.

  5. So happy for you on both accounts! It’s difficult being away from a beloved pet, and having a job is useful as a student (I’m looking to get one myself). I’m currently trying to get back to blogging. Study has been crazy, and it was my boyfriend who told me I needed to blog, usually he’s neutral about it, so I figured I should get into a routine.

  6. Congrats on your new job!

    I miss having an animal around. The guy and I go back and forth on whether or not to get one. With a cat I hate litter boxes and with a dog I am not entirely sure we are home enough. I suppose when it is meant to happen it will, though…

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