Hi! I’m Erin.

I’m a lifelong reader and a former bookstore employee turned blogger. I’m also a mama, knitter, editor, quilter, and aspiring gardener who is comfortable in the kitchen. And I believe that while books are awesome, they need readers to bring them to life.

Why I Read

Erin the readerWhen I was little, my mother would gather her four children every evening for story time. She read to us long after we had learned to read ourselves, combing the library for new and engaging novels to share with us. These are some of my very favorite memories (and books), and I have no doubt they kindled my lifelong love of reading.

Books are amazing entities. They span time and space, reflect gender and race and religion and a whole host of other characteristics. They educate and create. They transmit knowledge and preserve ideas.

But without someone to read their words, books are just sheets of paper gathering dust on a shelf. Every book you read — regardless of whether it’s fiction or non-, whether you like or dislike it — becomes a part of you. By reading, you become a living library.

Reading is so important. It creates conversation. It exposes you to countless viewpoints, beliefs, places, cultures, personalities, relationships, and on and on. It helps you find your place in the world, simultaneously connecting and defining.

I read to be a part of that.

Why I Blog

Desk, notebook, laptop, tea (erinreads.com)Reading books on your own is great, but talking about them is even better. Working at an independent bookstore gave me my first taste of talking books with other people. I’ve since moved on from that job, but my desire to discuss books and reading has only increased.

Book-based conversations don’t just allow you to connect to what you read. They also connect you with other readers and, by association, what they have read. And what’s a blog but a place for ongoing discussion and reflection?

Erin Reads is a place for me to share my thoughts and for other readers to chime in. It is both a personal reading journal and a gateway to connect with readers around the world. It transforms me from an isolated reader, alone on my couch, to a member of a sprawling community of people who love books like I do.

A Few Erin Reads Notes

Before you wander off to explore the blog, here are a few things you should know about my reading and my blog:

I detest spoilers. To the point that sometimes a publisher’s paragraph summary of a book will ruin the reading experience for me. That means I’m extremely careful to mark spoilers in my own reviews. It also means I’d appreciate it if you’d mark spoilers in your comments, too.

I rate books using adjectives instead of numbers. For the first five years of this blog’s existence, I didn’t even have a rating system (which is why older reviews are rating-free). I link to it in every review that includes a rating, but if you’d like to peruse my system, here you go!

I do, at times, accept a limited number of books for review. I always disclose a review copy’s source and strive to keep my reviews independent and honest. If you have a book you’d like me to consider, please refer to my review policy.

A Bit About Me

Books are awesome, but we’re all more than our blogs, eh? Here are a few tidbits about the me beyond books and reading:

Listening to an audiobook, of course!
Listening to an audiobook, of course!

I have a degree in American Sign Language. ASL taught me to link communication with movement, improved my spatial skills a hundred-fold, and exposed me to some of the most beautiful poetry I’ve ever encountered. I miss using it every day.

I’m fascinated by words, language, and communication. I minored in linguistics and think studying languages is fun. I’ve been known to swoon over a particularly excellent metaphor or turn of phrase. I also love photography and expressing myself through images.

I’m an Ohio girl, home again after many years by way of New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and California.

I’m an INFJ who didn’t really believe in personality tests…until I did. And now I do, very much so.

Whenever I can, I knit. Cowls and shawls are my go-tos. Fingering is my weight. Someday I’ll make an adult sweater. (Maybe. We’ll see.) Find me on Ravelry as remadebyhand.

I run on quilting, yoga, tea, and cat snuggles. Also, football (the American kind). Ben Folds inspires me. Eddie Izzard and Brian Regan make me laugh. Thunderstorms and hydrangeas make my heart happy.

What now?

Head over to the blog and see what catches your eye. I’d love to talk books with you!