just READ it.

Unfortunately, just READ it never really got off the ground. Who knows…maybe I’ll start it up again someday!

just READ it badgejust READ it (JRI) is a very informal project I launched at the end of 2011. Its purpose is to remind me to tackle “hard” books: those that are long, dense, intimidating, and so on. These are books I want to read but pass over time and again for fear I won’t “get” them, won’t love them the way everyone else does, or will get bogged down in them and never make it through.

Why focus on these “hard” books? A couple of reasons. First, I don’t want there to be any book I’m afraid to try. By singling out the ones that strike me as being the most difficult, I hope to make that goal a reality. And second, some of the “hard” books I’ve read recently have ended up becoming favorites. I don’t want to miss out on potential new favorites just because the book struck me as being difficult!

I keep a list of potential JRI books on Goodreads. You can also read more about the project in my introduction post. In addition to being included on my Books page, thoughts about the books I read for JRI will be listed below, in the order that I read them.

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