Sunday Salon: I’m Joining The Classics Club!

Once upon a time, back in 2010, I decided I wasn’t reading enough classics. To remedy the situation, I started my Classics Reclamation Project (CRP), with the goal of reading and reflecting on books I considered classics in a casual, low-stress way. (For more context, you can read about the original intent behind the project or […]

Sunday Salon: A Shift In Focus

Today is the third and final in series of Sunday Salon posts in which I also reviewed my 2011 reading goals and launched a new project. There comes a moment in most book bloggers’ blogging careers, I think, when the review requests start to take over. It’s exciting when they start rolling in, so many […]

Sunday Salon: 2011 Goals In Review

Today begins a three-week series of Sunday Salon posts in which I’ll be reviewing my 2011 reading goals, launching a new project, and finally shifting my reading focus a bit. I’m excited to learn from this past year’s reading experiments and craft some new ones for 2012! As the end of the year approaches, I […]