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Chronicle Books is running a really cool contest this holiday season called Happy Haul-idays. Participating bloggers choose up to $500 worth of items from the Chronicle Books website and post about them. Then, the blogger and one of the readers who comments on the Haul-idays post (that could be you!) have a chance to win the entire list! All you have to do to be entered is to leave a comment on this post.

So, what would I choose with my $500? Here’s my list (it’s also a fun sampling of my interests that don’t often make it onto Erin Reads!):

I’ll start with cookbooks, because Chronicle has some wonderful ones. I’d go for The New Whole Grains Cookbook ($19.95), Madhur Jaffrey’s Quick & Easy Indian Cooking ($19.95), New Vegetarian ($19.95), The Commonsense Kitchen ($35.00), A Beautiful Bowl of Soup ($19.95), Campfire Cuisine ($15.95), and Field Guide to Produce ($15.95).

Chronicle Cookbook ChoicesChronicle Cookbook Choices Continued

I love letters and paper goods, so I would love to have Handmade Hellos ($19.95), Paper Cutting ($27.50), and Little Book of Letterpress ($24.95).

Chronicle Letters & Paper Goods Choices

Along the same lines, I would gorge myself on Chronicle’s stationery offerings, which are some of the best! My favorites: Flock Boxed Notecards ($15.95), Animals on Parade Notecard Set ($12.95), Dots & Jots Mix & Match Stationery ($8.95), and the Somewhat Stationary Cats Stationery Set ($9.95).

Chronicle Stationery Choices

From Chronicle’s quirky how-to-ish books, I’d pick the following: Garden Anywhere ($24.95), Home Economics ($14.95), Pinhole Cameras ($16.95), and The New Photography Manual ($29.95).

Chronicle How-To-Ish Choices

There are some miscellaneous titles I’d add to my choices as well. These include Beaches ($24.95), Ramayana ($29.95), The Book of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks ($14.95), Food Play ($16.95), and Taking Things Seriously ($17.50).

Chronicle Miscellaneous ChoicesChronicle Miscellaneous Choices Continued

Finally, I’m a Moleskine nut, so I’d have to throw in a few of their notebooks! I’d go with a Large Moleskine Address Book ($17.95), which I use for keeping track of what I’ve read, and an XLarge Ruled Soft Cover Notebook ($19.95) for reading notes.

Chronicle Moleskine Choices

And all that comes to just under $500! Would you like a chance to win the books above? Just leave a comment on this post. Chronicle will announce the winner on December 13th. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

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  1. I may just have to do some browsing as well! You have picked some wonderful things – I would love that Madhur Jaffrey cookbook! Cookbooks are kind of becoming my new obsession….

    1. Mmm, I love cookbooks! Especially the ones with big, colorful illustrations. Even though my food never comes out looking like them!

  2. I started excitedly putting together one of these entries before realising that I’m in the wrong country to do so. Aw.

    Yay for vegetarian cookery and the “blog” of unnecessary “quotation” marks, though. My linguist friends and I have had a lot of fun with the latter!

    1. Boo! I love the Book of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks. My manager at my old bookstore job and I would laugh so hard we cried over that one!

  3. The Cookbooks you chose look great especially A Beautiful Bowl of Soup and the paper goods and stationery is wonderful as are your moleskin picks. I adore coffee-tavle type books like Beaches and Food Play!

    Love your choices Erin!
    ~ Amy

    1. I haven’t gotten to take a look at the Book Lovers Journal yet! I suspect it would be too detailed for me, but I’m intrigued nonetheless. The ruled ones are my favorites as well; I love the narrow lines that go all the way across the page!

  4. I think this is a genius contest. If nothing else, I’m seeing how big their catalog is. I have the produce book actually … it is quite helpful because if I branch out from ordinary fruits and vegetables, I never know what to do. Like “Do you eat the skin of a mango?” or “How do you pick a pineapple?”

    And the Food Play book looks like such fun.

    I think I need to do this contest as well.

    1. Do, I shall enter! I agree — it’s a fantastic idea for a contest. And a pretty amazing prize! I’m glad to hear the produce book is good, just in case, you know, I win.

    1. Yeah, it’s a wonderful idea for a giveaway! I love the “unnecessary” quotation marks book. It cracks me up every time I leaf through it!

  5. Oh! The New Vegetarian .. I may have to pick that one up for my own Christmas book box, since my youngest daughter is a vegetarian and I have to cook for her too. I really like your list; the books are eclectic and the stationery is fab! Moleskins .. ah …. Good luck!


  6. I love your list!! so glad to see other vegetarians. Your list is similar to mine in that there are plenty of moleskins involved. Anyway… enjoy and I hope you win. If you get a chance, check out my blog list!

  7. Nice choice of books. Let’s wish us both alot of luck! And Thank You to Chronicle books!

    jcamp2020 at aol dot com

    got me at Moleskine

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