Readathon Update #6

Hour: 19

Time: 2:00am EST (I was SO supposed to be in bed two hours ago. Leaving for a wedding in 4 1/2 hours. Whoops…)

Read/listened to since last update: Finished Something Missing; started A Most Improper Magick

Brief thoughts on what I’ve read: Something Missing is an incredibly original, extremely entertaining, riveting little novel. Review will absolutely be forthcoming! A Most Improper Magick, so far, is light and fun, with a magic mirror and a trio of sisters constantly getting on one another’s nerves. It’s working out well for my poor exhausted brain!

Other Readathon-related activities: Minichallenges: Poetry Angst, Ban this Book! (scroll down for my response!), Pitch Your Book

Where I stand overall:

  • The Phantom Tollbooth: 20 / 20 chapters read (DONE!)
  • The Reader: 19 / 46 chapters read
  • A Most Improper Magic: 7 / 21 chapters read
  • The Report (10 chapters done before Readathon): 10 / 48 chapters read
  • Something Missing: 17 / 17 chapters read (DONE!)
  • Interpreter of Maladies: 0 / 9 stories read
  • Housekeeping vs. the Dirt: 0 / 14 essays read
  • An Abundance of Katherines: 0 / 19 chapters read
  • A Thousand Splendid Suns: 0 / 51 chapters read
  • Al Capone Shines My Shoes (audiobook) (5 hrs 40 mins done before Readathon): 7 hrs 51 mins / 7 hrs 51 mins listened to (DONE!)
  • Fahrenheit 451 (audiobook): 0 hrs 0 mins / 5 hrs 8 mins listened to

For a little about why I chose each book as well as the authors, please see my initial book selection post.
For an explanation of my update format, reading time, etc., please see my initial Saturday post.

Ban This Book! Minichallenge:

Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl is a book that should absolutely be banned. Talking animals? Surely this will mislead children, warping their brains beyond repair. Talking animals that steal from hardworking farmers? The children who read this filth will grow up completely devoid of morals, most likely turning to a life of sin. They will grow up believing that instead of working for a living, they can simply mooch off the backs of others less fortunate than themselves. The portrayal of the three farmers is so negative that children will surely look down on this important role in our food production system, which will ultimately cause the fabric of society to unravel. Also, the book is demeaning to women, who are too weak to assist in digging tunnels and procuring food, leaving the work to the men while they languish in their dens. Overall a very dangerous book to the well-being of children everywhere as well as the future of mankind!

(For anyone not participating in the Readathon who might be reading this…don’t take my tirade seriously! The challenge is to choose a book that should definitely not be banned and make up all sorts of silly reasons why it should. I love Fantastic Mr. Fox and would be devastated at its banning!)

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  1. You’ve certainly covered a lot of bookish ground; if you have to call it a night, you can still hold your Read-A-Thon-er’s head up high, right until the moment it sinks into the pillow. Oh, pillow: I shouldn’t have said that…

  2. I promised myself I would read Fahrenheit 451 for Banned Books Week, and THEN I couldn’t find my copy. I asked Mr. X to bring me the copy I generously purchased for him just to have him tell me he couldn’t find it. Then when I showed up at his house yesterday I showed him exactly where it was. Now, needless to say, I know where it is but I don’t have much time to read it. I am planning on snagging out on my way out of town tomorrow so I can finally start/finish it like I have been promising to do for the past 2 or 3 years. How can I be a fan of dystopia and not have read it? It just doesn’t seem right in any way.

    Abundance of Katherines in my favorite John Green book and I am a bit blue you haven’t stared it yet. I hope you find time to read it. I am also thinking about how much fun you can have if you go to this wedding on NO SLEEP AT ALL. 🙂

    You are making such great progress. I like how you broke down the books by chapters. I will have to do that for myself in the future since I am not the fastest reader and I often feel discouraged when I have been reading but haven’t finished a book yet.

    Clearly I am verging on getting a little loopy here myself because I left you a comment practically as long as one of my blog posts.

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