Another month has come and gone, and 2011 is half way over! Here’s what my June looked like:


Looking Back: June

Total books read: 8
Total pages read: 2,675
Favorite book: This month was a winner. Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer, and When She Woke by Hillary Jordan were all phenomenal.
Least favorite book: Vaclav and Lena by Haley Tanner
The rest: The Girl in the Garden by Kamala Nair, Mr. Chartwell by Rebecca Hunt, The Snow Whale by John Minichillo, and Feed by M.T. Anderson


Total audiobooks listened to: 3
Total hours listened: 22 hours, 42 minutes
Favorite audiobook: A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly
Least favorite audiobook: none…they were all very good!
The rest: Brooklyn by Colm Toibin and Savvy by Ingrid Law

Erin Reads

On Erin Reads this past month:

Your Turn!

That was my June. How was yours?

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  1. Wow what a month! This tells me that I very much need to hop on the audiobook train because it might be an easier way to “read” more. Also, I am very jealous that you’ve snagged a copy of When She Woke – I cannot wait to read that. My June was not nearly so impressive, but I am at my goal of 25 books for the half-year mark, so that’s not so bad.

    1. Yes, I’ve found my numbers jump when I include audiobooks! Plus, they make mundane or tedious tasks much more interesting. When She Woke is fantastic, and from what small amount I know about the books you like, I think you’ll love it. Congratulations on being on mark for your goal!

    1. I liked The Girl in the Garden as well. Yes, Cutting for Stone was crazy long! I loved it, though, and at times found myself forgetting I was reading a novel instead of a memoir.

  2. Sounds like a good June. I loved Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, and a review has been pending for months… I really should write down my thoughts, for I really did love the book.

    I want to read Cutting for Stone as well, but it just seems so… chunky…. lazy reader alert.

    1. Extremely Loud was a tough book to write about! I had so many reactions it was hard to corral them all into coherent thoughts. If I hadn’t read it for Reading Buddies, with scheduled posts, I most likely would still not have written my review. As for Cutting for Stone, I put it off because of its size, too. Again, Reading Buddies forced me to pick it up! I ended up loving it, and it didn’t actually feel nearly as long as it looks.

    1. Glad to hear June was good for you, too! Cutting for Stone was definitely a winner. What an excellent book.

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