Thoughts on “Mrs. Lincoln’s Rival” by Jennifer Chiaverini (Audiobook)

I received a copy of Mrs. Lincoln’s Rival by Jennifer Chiaverini for review through the LibraryThing Early Reviewers program. About the Book: Mrs. Lincoln’s Rival begins in the days leading up to the 1860 presidential election. Kate Chase, daughter of the thrice-widowed Salmon P. Chase, is bright, charming, and firmly ensconced as her father’s political […]

Thoughts on “The Good Braider” by Terry Farish (Audiobook)

I received a copy of The Good Braider by Terry Farish for review through the LibraryThing Early Reviewers program. About the Book: We first glimpse Viola, just briefly, in the United States. We know she’s safe and doing her best to fit her Sudanese self into her new American life. Then we’re plunged into Viola’s […]

Thoughts on “Bridge of Sighs” by Richard Russo (Audiobook)

About the Book: Louis “Lucy” Lynch has loved his small-town life for the whole 60-year span he’s been living it. He’s been married to Sarah, his high school sweetheart, for two thirds of it. They’re about to take a trip to Italy when the book begins, leaving their small collection of convenience stores in the […]

Thoughts on “The Invisible Bridge” by Julie Orringer (Audiobook)

I’ve had The Invisible Bridge by Julie Orringer since it came out in 2010. I decided it was finally time for me to read it! About the Book: We first meet Andras and Tibor Lévi in 1937. They are brothers, rooming together in Budapest while their younger brother Mátyás lives at home and reluctantly helps their parents with […]

Thoughts on “Daring Greatly” by Brené Brown (Audiobook)

Brené Brown is one of those authors I’ve meant to pick up for a while. It wasn’t until a friend sent me her TED talk on the power of vulnerability that I finally got my hands on her latest book, Daring Greatly. About the Book: Brené Brown is a shame and vulnerability researcher. She has spent […]