Reading Buddies Wrap-Up: “Possession” by A.S. Byatt

Well, Reading Buddies, here we are at our last (at least, for now) wrap-up. How did you like Possession by A.S. Byatt? It seemed, to me, an acceptable way to close out the past year and a half of reading together. I wasn’t totally sold on it at the halfway point, but it won me […]

Reading Buddies Discussion: “Possession” by A.S. Byatt

Hey Reading Buddies! Welcome to the discussion post for Possession┬áby A.S. Byatt. It’s a bit of a chunkster, and kind of dense at that, so I’m making my way through rather slowly. I’m about 200 pages in, right in the middle of the Ash/LaMotte letters, which I’m finding kind of hard to get through. Perhaps […]

Reading Buddies Finale: “Possession” by AS Byatt

Hey Reading Buddies! As you may know, July will be the last month for this program, at least for now. We’ve chosen a great book to finish up with, and I hope you’ll be able to read along! We’re reading A.S. Byatt’s Possession, which you can find out more about here. It’s a hefty tome, […]

Reading Buddies Wrap-Up: “Year of Wonders” by Geraldine Brooks

Welcome, Reading Buddies! Just a reminder that next month, for our last RB read (at least for now), we’ll be tackling Possession by A.S. Byatt. Hope you can join in for a last hurrah! As always, spoilers are fair game here. I’ll get into some major ones later on, but I’ll warn again before those […]

Reading Buddies Discussion: “Year of Wonders” by Geraldine Brooks

Welcome, Reading Buddies! (If you missed my announcement last week, be sure to check it out.) Year of Wonders is the first novel by Geraldine Brooks I’ve actually stuck with. I tried People of the Book a couple of years ago and just couldn’t get into it. I’m happy to report Year of Wonders is […]