Just yesterday I returned from the annual New England Independent Booksellers’ Association (NEIBA) trade show, held this year in Boston, MA. Basically, independent booksellers from around New England come together for author events, workshops, and talk to publishers about what’s new this season.

This was my first time attending such an event, and I am completely overwhelmed by the number of not yet or just published books I picked up. Overwhelmed, that is, in a lovely, joyful, I-can’t-wait-to-read-them-all sort of way!

I must say, it’s quite inspiring to see that there are so many people dedicated to fighting for independents. The booksellers, authors, and sales reps I met were incredibly friendly, and they were all interested in seeing the little guys succeed. It makes me happy that the career path I’ve chosen is populated with so many wonderful, knowledgeable, book-loving people.

Stay tuned for news about the books I brought home with me as I read them!

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