Despite being MIA lately, I realized my very favorite event — the Readathon, of course — was happening this weekend, and I could not bring myself to miss it. So here I am, ready to read!

My goal for the day: get through as many library books and/or short, potentially donate-able books as possible. (I’m working on purging my shelves.)

I’ll be updating here occasionally, adding on to the bottom of this post. It’s good to be back! Happy reading!

Update #1:

5.5 hours in. It’s been a pretty relaxed day so far. Got started on actually reading late, and just took a break for some life-related stuff. So far, I’ve read half of An Abundance of Katherines by John Green (excellent so far!) and listened to a chunk of The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande (fascinating!) while quilting. Grocery shopping and lunch coming up, then perhaps I’ll listen some more while cleaning the apartment. I love audiobooks!

Update #2:

12.5 hours in…aaaaand I might be done. It’s been a really laid back, half Readathon day. I did finish The Checklist Manifesto and took a really good chunk out of An Abundance of Katherines. I also finally started some Robertson Davies, loading The Fifth Business onto my iPod to listen to while I cleaned. The rest of my night will be spent quilting and watching me some football.

I hope everyone’s had a great Readathon so far and gotten lots read! Thanks for the comments!

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  1. Erin! Hi! I feel like I haven’t ‘seen’ you in forever 🙂

    The readathon pulled me out of a blogging hiatus, too. A day of reading, eating, and hanging out with other readers? Who can pass that up?? Have fun today!

  2. My goal is humble and not yet achieved: to pick one Russell Hoban novel from my ample collection and dip into it again. He died last December, after 40 some years as an expatriate writer living in London. His best known US books; the Frances series for children, THE MOUSE AND HIS CHILD, and the sci-fi novel RIDDLEY WALKER. The “Sloosha’s Crossin'” narrative in CLOUD ATLAS is an homage to both Hoban and his great sci-fi novel.

  3. Good call charging through those donate-able books today. I could definitely use a bookshelf purge, and sometimes I think the most painless way to purge them is to, duh, *read more books*!

    I’m curious about the Gawande book, I loved Complications. One of the few non-fiction books I could *not* put down.

    Keep up the great reading! =D

  4. You got done about as many hours as I thought I would – good job. I had an epic fail – partly because that darn football is such a distraction!

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